What does DNB mean in betting

What does DNB mean in betting

When looking at betting slips and selections, you’ll often come across the abbreviation ‘DNB’ associated with certain betting picks and odds. But what does DNB actually mean in the context of sports betting? This guide explains the meaning of DNB bets across different sports.

What Does DNB Stand For?

DNB stands for “Draw No Bet” and is a type of betting market for matches where a draw or tie is a possible result, like football or tennis.

A DNB bet means that if the match ends in a draw/tie, the bet is refunded or voided. Only results where there is an outright winner are considered.

Some key points about DNB bets:

  • Eliminates the draw as a losing selection.
  • Refund if match ends drawn.
  • Only lose bet if your selection loses in regulation.
  • Reduces risk compared to match winner market.
  • Usually has adjusted odds to account for the draw possibility being removed.

DNB gives a safety net if matches end drawn while still picking a winner.

DNB in Football Betting

DNB is very commonly offered in football match betting.

For example, a DNB bet on Liverpool:

  • Liverpool wins – You win the bet.
  • Draw – Bet is refunded.
  • Liverpool loses – Your bet loses.

DNB eliminates the draw as a losing pick in football.

DNB in Other Sports

While extremely prevalent in football, DNB is also offered in other sports:

  • Tennis: Eliminates the possibility of losing a bet if a tennis match ends in a draw. Only lose if your player gets defeated in regulation.
  • Basketball: Removes the draw outcome for basketball games that can end tied after overtime. Lose only if your selection loses outright.
  • Baseball: Takes away the refund possibility for baseball bets that can push if games end tied.

If the game ends in a tied result, a DNB bet is refunded. This format reduces risk compared to match winner bets in common draw-possible sports like football and tennis.

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